Delicately crafted Bridal and Wedding Jewellery from Kerala that hold a Great significance.

Bhima Jewellers new ModelThe importance of gold and diamond in Indian culture is for centuries. It was found that all the rulers were fond of gold, the raja’s and maharajas especially. Thus jewelry has a great impact in culture and tradition. The Indian jewelry is also world famous, especially the jewelry from Kerala. The jewelry culture was also considered as the status symbol for the woman of different cultures. As marriage is considered holy and pure, therefore the jewelry takes a big role in the Indian wedding.  During the Indian wedding the bride is made to look good with beautiful dresses and auspicious jewelry. It can also be considered that without jewelry the wedding in incomplete for a bride. Thus wedding jewellery collections Kerala has number of designs and ornaments to choose from.

The Indian wedding is a gorgeous occasion for any couple, thus one can choose the right wedding jewelry from Kerala. The extravagant wedding look for bride is formed by wearing the wedding jewelry. The Indian bride look is famous all over the world for her dressing and the jewelry worn by her. The Indian bride cannot be spotted without her jewelry during the wedding. The south Indian wedding is famous for the gold jewelry. The south Indian bride is considered as wearing the most gold jewelry among all the other culture of Indian wedding. The south Indian bride is dressed up in gold chains, necklace, earrings, bangles, armlets, anklets and etc to make the bride look more beautiful.

The Indian wedding scenario are changing a bit, now different bridal jewellery are in demand beside the gold jewellery like white diamond jewellery, kundan jewellery, diamond jewellery, gem stone jewellery, pearl jewellery, meenakari jewellery. Thus different jewelry shops in Kerala has number of wedding jewelry designs, but one has to be careful while purchasing specially jewelry, that they have to look for the perfect BIS hallmarked jewellery shops Kerala. This BIS hallmarked means the standard of the jewelry are fine. The standards are maintained according to the bureau of Indian standards (BIS), the jewelry which are not up to the standards they are not considered. This standard maintaining is considered for gold, diamond, silver and etc. thus before buying the jewelry one should be aware of this standard maintaining of jewelry.

The gold price in Kerala varies daily. There are also chart listed everydays for the gold price. The keralites prefer to wear gold everyday than wearing it on special occasion. Thus they prefer exchange of gold than buying new, the exchange value is according to the exchange rate percentage. Thus wearing jewelry has a great significance in the Indian culture and tradition.

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